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Ponyplay Resources
The Stampede has assembled a collection of resources and links from various sources.

Please note that the descriptions, comments, and order of the links below are not intended as an endorsement or official review of the linked sites.

Books, Magazines, Articles and FAQs
The definitive magazine for human pony lovers. This is a great magazine; with lots of pictures, useful articles and erotic fiction.
Village voice article about ponyplay

Ponyplay Groups
The Stampede's own mailing list discussion group.
There's a purple registration shortcut button on our contact page. After you request to join, you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify for us that you are 18+ years of age, why you are joining and telling us where you heard about the group. If your mailbox is full, your request will be denied.
A tribe for ponies, trainers, and others interested in ponyplay, and other types of human animal roleplay. Whinney!
The "Dog and Pony Show" weekend, for animal role players, has been held annually since 2000 in the San Francisco area. It is a non-commercial erotic event for participants 18+. It has included play parties, classes, demos, 'Try It' beginners sessions, vendors, video premieres, a dinner, Pets on Parade, a contest/performance, a 'Pets in the Park' outing, and other features. All types of roles are welcome: bunnies, dolphins, kittens, pandas, worms, and zebras. The Eighth Annual will be April 20-22, 2007.
A forum and place for those that act out the role play of human ponies, animals, with their owners and trainers in the Great Northwest.
Sir Guy's "The Other Pony Club". An excellent resource for ponies in the United Kingdom.
New York Renegades Pony Club. A gay ponyplay organization.

Trainers and Ponies
trigger runs The Human Equine, a mostly philosophical and exploratory page (which is refreshing and interesting).

Tack and Pony Gear
Sierra, our very own draft horse, explains how to make a field halter for human equines.
The Water-Hole. Quality leather goods, and some very useful pony-related information.
A neat, illustrated step-by-step guide to making your own pair of front hooves out of modeling putty.
Taps for tap shoes... great for adding to your footwear to make that horseshoe sound.
A source for spandex catsuits
Custom catsuits, animal suits, body bags, and pony suits.
Dildoes in shapes that only an animal roleplayer could love
One of our members has a muzzle from them, and REALLY likes the results. She reports excellent work at a good price.
One member writes that they are selling a bit that is just the right type of rubber, and is actually designed for a normal humans head. It comes in a nice heavy single strap, or a form fitting triple strap method, and has form blinder mounts. They report that they have been using it for months with good experiences and excellent rein responsiveness.
For those of us who have the ambition to create their own ponytail, and need genuine horsehair, they are selling horsehair by the pound, at reasonable prices. Prompt delivery, no questions asked.

Pony Events and Locales
Other World Kingdom (OWK).
Our own pony Onyx went for a 4 week stay here and can't wait to return
Deferre Pony Farm. (UK).
One of our subscribers writes to tell us that the farm has 16 acres of prime woodland in Devon, UK, and also make and sell carts. They have one of the best facilities anywhere with woodland track, stables and a dressage ring.

SF Bay Area Resources
The BEST calendar for BDSM events throughout the Bay Area. An excellent place to find munches, parties, classes and other events.
The home page for the first munch in the world - one of our favorites - the Palo Alto munch.
The Society of Janus. If you are kinky and live near San Francisco, you should join this organization.
Odyssey. If you are kinky and live near San Jose, you should join this organization.

Yahoo Groups and Clubs

Click here for a list of Yahoo Groups and Clubs that are related to Ponyplay and/or Bay Area BDSM

San Francisco Bay Area Human Animal Roleplay Society

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