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With almost 100 people in The Stampede we are pleased to have a wide diversity of interests within our group. In the table to the right are some of the varied interests of our members. If you are curious about any of these ponyplay types or roles, we have provided short descriptions.

Some of our members have provided bios, contact information or access to thier personal web page in the links below. 

Trainers, Riders and Groomers

PonyMistress Juliana

  • PonyMistress Juliana has been a Trainer and active member of Stampede since 2005. Soon after she became thoroughly enchanted with ponies. She has organized Stampede excursions to Golden Gate Park & Folsom Street Fair, given pony demos at Citadel, taught classes on pony play and assisted with the Fox Hunt. In 2010 she rode in the San Francisco Pride Parade's Leather Contingent, cart-pulled by her pony, Aethon, (formerly Tipsy Pony) who teamed up with pony Ruffian for the occasion. She co-hosts the Stampede munch with Aethon, who has been her Pony for six years. Stories and pictures about their activities are published in The Human Pony by Rebecca Wilcox. Juliana's submissive, susie, is also a contributing member of Stampede. 

PonyMistress Rebecca

  • Ponymistress Rebecca generally considers herself a sex positive lifestyle activist specifically devoted to pony play. The pony community inspires her to live life more fully and she hopes to give something back to them. Her accomplishments include:  Author of The Human Pony published by Greenery Press; Owner/Publisher of Equus Eroticus; 2009 North American Pony Trainer leather title holder with pony Submissann for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance; Developer of the (Human) Fox Hunt 1st - 4th Annual hunts 2006-2009; SF Annual Dog and Pony Show Presenter/Ambassador 2005-2009; SF Citadel Instructor 2005-2008; Pony Play Days (The Greater SF Bay Area) 2005-2008; Pony Pride Round-Up (Leather Contingent SF Pride Parade) 2006, 7, 8, and 10; Folsom Street Fair Exhibitionist 2004,5,7,8; Stampede Munch faithful participant Aug 2004-May 2009; Participant of various pony events, Pro Dommes and Beyond Calendar 2010, Pony Play Ambassador to Sweden.


Azalea Image
  • Trainer, Handler, Organizer, Craftsman. theDragonLord is one of the organizers for the Northern California Fox Hunt and the Stampede pony contingent during the San Francisco Pride parade. He is responsible for providing transportation for the Leather Marshals during the parade (Pony Carts!). His stable is 'Team_Lightning' and along with Pride & the Fox Hunt you will see he and his team at events such as Folsom street fair with the creature cavalcade and the trots in Golden Gate park with the Stampede. As a craftsman with over 35 years of experience working with metals, wood and leather, he has turned his expertise to creating hooves and stirrups for his lead ponygirl Splinter, his spirited pony Dancer and loyal pony Strider, as well as the 'cart of lightning' that his team pulls during the Pride parade.


  • Emerald is an experienced rider who enjoys training ponies, and was a former leader of the Stampede.

Dan Rider

  • Experienced and equipped riding master for real-time human pony sessions in the SF Bay area.

Lady Erin

  • San Francisco born trainer, owner of Fussbudjit. Enjoys every aspect of ponyplay, especially being driven around in the Stampede cart.

Lady Rory

  • Lady Rory enjoys 4-legged riding and has recently developed an interest in training.

Lady Thendara

  • Lady Thendara's favorite activity is driving mustang in his cart.

Liliane Hunt

Liliane Hunt - Mistress of the Hounds

  • Lifestyle and professional Mistress; trainer, educator and performer. She is active in the San Francisco BDSM and leather community. Has taught classes for JT Stockroom, SF Citadel and San Francisco Center for Sex and Information and has filmed with the Discovery channel and Kink Academy on animal role play. She is responsible for organizing the parade of pony carts, for the Leather Contingent at San Francisco Gay Pride Parade each year. Hostess of the Northern California Fox Hunt Tea and Mistress of the Hounds. Dedicated to the protection of therianthropes throughout the world. Trainer and handler of pups, ponies, pets, critters and wild beasts.

Mistress Cat

  • Mistress Cat is an honorary member of the Stampede. She is owner and trainer of Boots the Ponyboy. She enjoys upright riding and gaming and plans to use trigger the horse as her steeple chase mount.

Mistress Vicki

  • Mistress Vicki is a skilled trainer, rider and groomer.


  • Rae enjoys working with a variety of human animals and is the current Webmastress for the Stampede. She resides in Seattle.

Sir Anthony

  • Sir Anthony lives in San Jose and is the owner and trainer of e who is starting to learn the life of a ponygirl

Types of Ponyplay

Barrel Racing
Cart Pulling
Draft Horse

Race Riding
Show Pony
Steeple Chase
2-legged Riding
4-legged Riding

Ponyplay Roles


Stable Pet

Ponies and Stable Pets

Azalea Image
  • Fabulous purple Highland pony. Active in the ponyplay community since Spring 2009. Taught Beginning Animal Roleplay Classes at SF Citadel. Organizer of Roundup: a day of petplay. (Summer event, SF Citadel). Contributor to Winner of the Presentation award at the LA Ponies and Critters Jamboree, Summer 2010
  • Boots is willing to try any form of ponyplay his owner desires, but is most interested in the show and 2-legged riding pony aspects. He is also the founder of The Stampede.
  • Cyber is a rubber war pony who recently joined the Stampede and joined us for our march in the SF Pride Parade. Cyber is skilled at making his own fetishwear, and loves gasmasks and latex fetish


  • Dash is a Border Collie / Husky mix. She enjoys playing fetch, cuddling up to her owner, Ms Vicki, and pulling carts. In 2012, she participated in the Folsom Street Fair and pulled a cart in the SF Pride Parade with Windy Pony and Molly Puppy. She gets along well with other animals, especially puppies, and would sooner snuggle a kitten than chase it.

Equus Pferde

  • Equus Pferde is an unowned Draft pony stallion, who loves to pull anything with a driving harness, while digging all four hooves into the dirt. Pferde loves good fitting tack, long tails,trail rides, long grooming sessions, apples, and of course Horses! I have yet to be trained to ride, so am looking for a trainer.


  • A Scot/Brit hybrid that was shipped over to San Francisco by Lady Erin after much annoying paperwork. Fussbudjit hasn't encountered many other ponies before now and is having a great time rectifying that fact.
Latex Mustang
  • Latex Mustang and his wrangler, Lady Thendara are shown in Equus Eroticus #9. He loves latex bondage and ponyplay


  • Lucky is a 51-year old stallion who escaped the glue factory in Los Angeles. He likes to run wild but enjoys pulling his cart and is a 2-legged pony.
Lucky Star
  • Lucky Star is trained by Lady Blue. He is a 2-legged riding pony who enjoys fetish photography and single tails.
  • Pony Onyx is the current Stampede President. He is also mastering his gait in a pair of Kayser's hoof boots. He occassionally appears in public disguised as a Tiger.
Pony Lynn
  • Pony Lynn is an upright and all fours riding pony. She is featured in Equus Eroticus #6.
Pony T
  • Pony T, owned by Mistress ICE, is a show and cart pony.


  • Shadow is an olllld andalusian war horse who should have learned a long time ago that she simply cant do airs, like her lipizon cousins do, but still even with a broken knee enjoys driving competitions as well as learning show.. She's tall and generally graceful in her gaits when not making a fool of herself and enjoys the company of other horses and ponies..
  • Sierra is one of the few practicing draft horses. He has experience with pulling sledges, logs and the occasional Cushman maintenance cart.
  • Splinter is a thoroughbred and show-pony who enjoys flexing her marketing skills as much as her pony prowess. Since arriving on the pony-play scene in 2010, she has become a fixture at Stampede functions and assumed a key organizational role for the Northern California Fox Hunt and the accompanying Hunt Tea. Her litany of adventures include chasing foxes in the Santa Cruz mountains, pony demo-ing at art galleries in the Mission, chatting about her love of pony play to audiences at the Citadel, and cart pulling her beloved trainer/handler, the DragonLord, with the Stampede pony contingent for San Francisco Pride. Stay tuned for more grand ideas!

  • Spring is a firey pony.She is a cart and show pony. She loves to pull a cart in tandum with the other ponies. She gets into trouble a bunch due to her nature and curiousity. Currently she is stabled in Texas. When she gets the chance she hops in a pony trailer and hitches a ride to Northern California. To be with all the wonderful ponies of the Stampede
Vulpin/Foxtrot Romeo
  • Vulpin is interested in the show, lungeing and cart pony aspects of ponyplay. He has also volunteered to be our Fox when we host our annual Fox Hunt!
windy image
  • Windy is a cart and show pony. She has won many competitions including Blue Ribbons for best harness/tack and Best of Show at the first Dog and Pony show at CastleBar in San Francisco. She has served as a demo pony for animal role play classes at SF Citidel. Stories and pictures about her activities are published in The Human Pony by Rebecca Wilcox. She also contributes to
San Francisco Bay Area Human Animal Roleplay Society

updated Oct 26, 2012

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