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Stampede Ponies at Folsom Street Fair Welcome to The Stampede. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are one of the nation's largest organized ponyplay and human animal roleplay groups. The Stampede is pansexual, and is open to all people 18 years of age or older. We draw people with an interest in human animal roleplaying from within Northern California to as far away as Europe.

The Stampede hosts animal roleplay parties, organizes munches, demos and workshops. Its members have been featured in Equus Eroticus and The Spectator. We also participate in nation-wide events such as the Pony Camp at Leather Retreat and Odyssey's Folsom Street Fair weekend.

Animal roleplay is a form of fetish play that involves an exchange of power, typically between a human "trainer" and another who assumes the role of an animal. In ponyplay, the animal is a "human pony." Typically the pony is required to perform actions that a pony would perform, such as running on a lunge line, pulling a cart, carrying a rider or being groomed, inspected and shown. Ponyplay is not about abuse, non-consent, or bestiality.

Why animal roleplay? Some people enjoy the loss of control, some the feeling of controlling others, some love the smell and feel of the constricting fetish wear, the inability to escape, or the loss of speech. For some, it is because it is one of the few fetishes that combines both strength and submission.

San Francisco Bay Area Human Animal Roleplay Society

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