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There is a San Francisco BDSM/Animal roleplay munch each month!

Munches are informal get-togethers, where people mingle and talk with each other in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. They are not "play" events. If you're interested in the ponyplay and animal roleplay scene and hoping to meet others who share your passions, come join us at the munch. We're always excited to see new faces!

Stampede Munch

Wicked Grounds
289 8th Street (Near Folsom St.)
San Francisco, CA 94103-3924
(415) 503-0405

2nd Tuesday of Every Month
8:00 pm-10 pm

Come join others interested in all forms of Human Animal Role Play at the SF Pony Munch! We are a fun, informal group of people who enjoy various types of Human Animal Roleplay. Ponies, Trainers, Puppies, Kitties, Furries, Bunnies and many other interests are represented.

The Staff of Wicked Grounds is great - They understand who we are and enjoy having us there - Look for the little signs on the tables .
We usually sit in the back just past the counter. At this location we will have more freedom to show off and enjoy

Parking is tight in the area, but there is a high turnover rate.

In addition to our monthly munch, The Stampede occasionally hosts play parties for stable pets, human ponies and their trainers. These parties are typically held at a private, central location, with plenty of carrots for the ponies and a light snack for trainers and spectators.

Attendance is usually limited to a small, enthusiatic group of people. If you are interested in getting out and playing in the sun, our parties are a safe, fun place to make your debut!

Stampede Sponsored Events

Ponyplay parties hosted by The Stampede are announced on our mailing list and are open to members of The Stampede, their guests and members of BDSM community organizations.

We also have a presence on This is a place to talk about Stampede, upcoming Stampede events, ideas, suggestions, questions, comments, etc. You do have to be a member of the fetlife community to view or join (See rules on the site). Find us by searching for "stampede". We are under groups.

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